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March 24, 2012

General Terms & Conditions on Cruise Booking

1. Validity of prices
All prices mentioned on the website of Visit Wonders are in USD. Visit Wonders guarantees the validity of rates, invoices or documents provided by us. Prices, however, may be subject to change with or without prior notice in cases of force majeure (eg: significant fluctuation in exchange rates, enactment of new government tax laws, etc).

2. Booking and confirmation

Booking can be made by phone, email, online or at office. We will process your booking soonest and you will receive a reply within 24 hours regarding cruise availability (excluding weekends and public holidays). You will need to confirm your booking in writing after receiving our availability confirmation email. Otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

3. Payment

Booking confirmation must be secured by a deposit of 30% of the total price for the trip. The balance will be paid upon Customer’s arrival in Vietnam. If the Customer books a trip less than one month before arrival, the full price of the trip or a deposit of 50% of the full price for the trip must be paid upon booking confirmation. Customers can pay for the trip in cash, traveller checks, bank transfer (via PAYPAL) or by credit card. All extra cost incurred by such payments is to be paid by the Customer (for PAYPAL, it is 4% of the payment amount).

4. Cancellation

4.1 Cancellation by Customer
If you cancel the booked cruise for whatever reason, you agree to pay a cancellation charge as stipulated in cancellation policy of the respective cruise. Visit Wonders reserve the right to extract the cancellation charge from your booking payment and refund you the balance via bank transfer with bank charges covered by you. Refer to each cruise on our site for detailed cruise booking terms & conditions.

 4.2 Cancellation by Visit Wonders

In case of force majeure: war, civil or political unrest, strikes, disasters, storms, restrictions government, epidemics, fuel crisis, etc, the cruise will be cancelled.

• If cancellation is made BEFORE the commencement of service delivery (transfer and / or cruise), Customer will be refunded their cruise booking payment in full amount. No other compensations can be claimed.

• If cancellation is made AFTER the beginning of the service (transfer and / or cruise), Customer will get refunded for unused services of the booking only. No other compensations can be claimed.

In case, the cruise/part of the cruise is cancelled by cruise operator (e.g: the boat not working properly), Visit Wonders will try our best to arrange another cruise/part of the cruise for you with another cruise operator. Visit Wonders will pay all additional costs incurred by this transfer. If we fail to find another cruise of equal value, you will get refunded for unused services. No other compensations can be claimed.

5. Insurance
Visit Wonders is an inbound agency and we do not take care of insurance. However, we can act as an intermediary between your insurer and our service suppliers. It is therefore necessary that you bring all the insurance documents with you.

6. Liability
Visit Wonders agrees to execute all terms and clauses stipulated in the contracts that bind us. In return, the Customer must comply with the regulations announced by our guide or our service providers. We hold no liability to any incident or consequence arising out of the scope of the contracts.

7. Disputes & Complaints

In case of disputes or complaints, both parties should strive to seek an amicable solution. In case of litigation and/or trial, the "International Arbitration Centre of Vietnam" under the "Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam" will have sole jurisdiction.
 - Visit Wonders is a registered trademark of Asiatica Travel. According to the Vietnam tourism law of 2001, all tourism companies including Asiatica Travel, must deposit a mandatory capital of 500,000,000 VND which is not used by the company but used to reimburse the Customer directly in case the company does not honor the contract and lose the trial.
 - All complaints must be submitted by writing to us within 30 days after completion of services provided by Visit Wonders.

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