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March 24, 2012

Kuang Xi & Tadsé Waterfalls

Two beautiful waterfalls located near Luang Prabang are worth visiting: The Kuang Xi and Tadsé waterfalls. Whether for Tadsé or Kuang Xi, the road to the waterfall itself is magnificent. Greens of all shades, all of the blanks, with only a few houses made of bamboo, high in the middle of rice fields, buffaloes scattered ... We pass through some villages Lao Loum and Lao Soung whose traditional houses made of wood, bamboo and woven mats line the road.

Located about thirty kilometers from Luang Prabang, the "big" Kuang Xi waterfalls are accessible via tuk-tuk in 45 minutes. A Kuang Xi, it is easy to swim in some "pools" available, sit in the grass maintained, and drink some fresh BeerLao in one of the bars which is close to, or simply sunbathe by reading peacefully a book ... The vegetation is stunning, the view height monumental. Not to be missed!

Tadsé is also a beautiful waterfall which is located about 20 km from Luang Prabang, on the road leading south to Vientiane. These waterfalls are truly interesting Tadsae as the rainy season or the following few weeks because of its uneven flow or virtually nonexistent at certain times of the year.

Kuang Si is the more accessible of the two falls, easily reached after 30 minutes from the centre of Luang Prabang via the ubiquitous tuk-tuks. While this proximity means Kuang Si is also slightly more crowded by day-trippers, anyone keen to spend more time in the area can participate in a homestay, one of the best ways to learn more about daily life in Laos.

These waterfalls are popular in summer by young Lao who are accustomed to bathe dressed, thus avoid undressed while swimming.

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