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March 24, 2012

Hill tribal ethnic villages

The Central Highland is home to a large population of ethnic minorities such as the people of Malayo-Polynesian languages (Jarai and Ede) and the people of Mon-Khmer languages (Bahnar and K'hor). They have made up the majority of the region's population for a long time. Today, it is the King people.


There are 4 main ethnic groups in Cetnral Highland: the Jorai, the Ede, the Raglai and Churu. Their presence is certainly very old after the arrival of the Mon-Khmer, but before the formation of Champa kingdoms. Nowaday, only Gia Lai province has some non-King ethnic villages, however.

The ethnic traditional family structure is based on the extended family and matrilineal system. Customs, traditions and community solidarity is very strong, although the classification between the rich and the poor is clear. The dry rice cultivation, with crop rotation, is predominant, but it does not exclude the wet rice cultivation. Their economy is based mainly on bartering.

There are several interesting ethnic villages for you to visit:

The village of Ban Don (Buon Don) is located 45km north-west of Buon Ma Thuot, along the Serepok River. This village is known for the tradition of taming wild elephants.

The Ede village is located 13 km from Buon Ma Thuot. This village cherishes many traditional customs of Ede ethnic people.

The Ako Dhong village is 2km north of Buon Ma Thuot City, home to a number of ethnic groups, including: Mnong & Ede. This is the richest village in the region.


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